Our team

Our team

The Twentse Thestrals are the quidditch association of Enschede. We are an active group of students that have a lot of fun while playing their sport.

A quidditch team consists of a maximum of 21 players. At the moment the Twentse Thestrals have 1 team. This team has qualified for the European Quidditch Cup in Warsaw (2019) and Brescia (2020, cancelled) in the second division. In this division we compete against other teams from all over Europe for a trophy and a spot in the first division.

The goal of the Twentse Thestrals is to promote the sport of quidditch in Enschede. We are trying to accomplish this by organizing practices and participating in competitions, but also to organize fun activities for our members. Examples of these are barbecue’s and teambuilding activities like lasergaming.

The beginning

Twentse Thestrals were founded in January 2016 by a group of students in Enschede, who
each individually toyed with the idea of starting a team and then met each other through the
internet. After some open trainings a group of interested people was quickly brought together
and we started to have regular trainings.

After a period of slow growth, the team was big enough to start playing competitively in the
autumn of 2017. In our first tournament we immediately won 2 games and finished 3rd out of
5 teams. At Neighbourhood Cup, an international tournament featuring teams from the
Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we finished in 5th place. We finished in 2nd place in the
Dutch Quidditch League.

We won the Dutch Quidditch Cup at the end of the competitive season Spring 2018. Dutch national champions in quidditch of 2018 is the first title we claimed.

Our team has been announced as National chamption three times so far. The title was accomplished by these victories:

  • Dutch Quiditch Cup 2018
  • Dutch Quidditch League 2019
  • NKQ 2019 (before: European Quidditch Cup Qualifier)